DTH Button Bits
We produce an extensive range of DTH Bits using high grade steel alloy, in various diameters ranging between 3" and 18". These DTH Button Bits are available in different models and styles to suit specific drilling condition under different level. Our manufactured DTH hammer button bits are of long lasting quality to carry out the hole operations efficiently. These button bits provide efficient drilling and absolute balancing wear and fissure resistance. Easily penetrable for water well drilling and blasting holes for mining industry, these are designed to give superb performance.

Types of Down The Hole button bits

Flat Face Bit:
Face slots help eliminate bit plugging in softer zones. And more carbide is there for surface contact to ensure better rock fracture. It is a simple and robust design, well suited for medium to hard rock formation.

Concave Bit:
Suitable to drill in all formations. Cone shaped depression in face has centering effect for straighter holes. Well suited for soft to medium hard formations.

Convex Bit:
Fast penetration rates, face design allows for increased body support for gauge carbide. There are two gauges and the inner gauge row helps to protect the outer row from excessive wear.