DTH Hammer
HYBRID brand DTH Hammers are produced with high quality while maintaining international standards. The best quality alloy steel pass through the radio graphic and ultrasonic tests. Then the Heavy duty DTH Hammers are heat treated in the most advanced method inside the factory. The carbide bits are from branded manufactures across the world.

Types of Down The Hole Hammers:
  • High Pressures Hammers (Valve Less Hammers):
There Are Two Types:
  • Hybrid Type
Ranges from 4.0’’ TO 12’’
(M-40, M-45, M-50, M-65, JET-117,8”GLADIATOR , M-90, M-100, M-120,)
  • Vector Type
(Suitable To SD & DHD Series Shanks)
Ranges from (6.0’’ TO 10.0’’) 6.0’’, 7.0’’, 8.0’’, 10.0’’.
  • Low Pressure Hammers (Valve Hammers)
Range from (3.0’’ TO 8.0’’)
3.0’’ Cheetha Hammer
4.5’’ HP/Panther Hammer
8.0 DHD17 Hammer

Cluster Hammer:

Vector brand Cluster Hammer is manufactured to international specifications, from only the best quality Alloy Steel, machined to high precision and supreme standards. The product is heat- treated in the most modern, fully process controlled, in house facility. The Tungsten carbide Buttons used in hammer production are obtained from leading and reputed native as well as foreign manufactures.
Sizes Available: Vector 17”, Vector 20’’, Vector  22”, Vector  24”

Odex Hammers

Available Sizes
4.5" X 6.5" 6.0" X 8.0"
6.5" X 8.5" 8.0" X 10.0"

Hammer For 6.0"(152mm) T0 6 1/2"(165mm) Drilling and suitable with SD-6 Bit
Hole Dia MM 152-165
Hammer Dia MM 138.0
Cylinder Bore MM 112.0
Pistone Stroke MM 90.0
Piston Weight KG 22.5
Hammer Length without bit MM 1200
Weight without Bit KG 90
Connection API 3 1/2" PIN
Hammer Length with bit Extend MM 1345.0
Hammer Length with Bit Retracted MM 1300.0
Size of Top Sub Wrench Flat MM 90.0
Suitable bit SD 6 BIT

8 " Hammer
Hole Dia MM 200-300
Hammer Dia MM 175
Cylinder Bore MM 143
Pistone Stroke MM 90
Piston Weight KG 41.0
Hammer Length without bit MM 1245
Weight without Bit KG 153.0
Connection API 41/2" PIN
Hammer Length with bit Extend MM 1395
Hammer Length bit retracted MM 1350
Size of back head wrench MM 115
Suitable DHD-380